New Fic!

Title - Smoke
Rating - PG-13
Pairing - Hei/Ed
Summary - Alphonse gets in the way.
Note - Another fic from me!  Sorry for such long breaks, but school is really miserable at the moment.  ):  Never fear though, I got some stuff done during spring break!  I've got a multichapter in the works, and the first chapter should be out soon!
I just did this one, though.  It's a pretty different style (from the only other fic I've posted, lol).  I was going for a sort of stream of consciousness.  I normally don't write this pairing (considering I'm a avid Roy/Ed fan 90% of the time!) but I made an exception just this once. ;D It's a short piece meant to inspire ketita out of a writer's block (she writes Mirrorworld!   It's a great Hei/Ed fic, I definitely recommend it.)  Anyway, I read on this post  that she likes UST and I couldn't help myself. :) I hope this helps, dear!  I'm looking forward to more Mirrorworld!
Keep in mind that this is all AU -- Edward, Alphonse, and Alfons all end up back in Amestris living together.  (Don't ask me how, lol.)

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Lol, there were probably a lot of typos. ): Sorry! 

Comments are appreciated!

First fic post!

Title - Aggravation
Rating - PG-13
Pairing - Roy/Ed
Summary - Roy's tongue gets him into trouble.
Note - This is my first fic!  Roy/Ed is my favorite pairing. I've been reading around the fandom for a while, and I finally decided to contribute!  I hope everyone likes it. :)

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 Comments loved!  I can't wait to make some new friends in this fandom!  ^^